Amundsen Ventures is dedicated to driving capital into Norwegian startup and growth-stage companies. We provide financial support, consulting and brand-building services to entrepreneurs who are committed to expanding their businesses and creating the best enterprises in technology. Amundsen Ventures team is comprised of professionals with extensive experience in technology, investment banking, marketing, legal, and financial services. We bring the best technology from Norway to the U.S. market.

Why Venture Capital in Norway?

Norway is undergoing an amazing transformation from an oil rich country to a leader in emerging technologies. Innovation Norway, a Norwegian government's division dedicated to diversifying economy through entrepreneurship and innovation, plays a key role in this transformation.

Amundsen Ventures works with Innovation Norway to find companies that are ready to expand into both the U.S. and global markets. Amundsen Ventures provides extensive support to these companies. 

Other Services

Amundsen Ventures offers a full suite of services to clients, ranging from financing and consulting support to accounting and legal aid. We have a strong commitment to businesses we invest in that goes beyond a great service. Our goal is to create successful companies and lasting relationships along the way.

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