Amundsen Ventures is dedicated to driving capital into Norwegian Start-Up and Growth Stage companies. We provide the required financial support, consulting and ongoing advisory services to grow and expand their respective businesses.

Amundsen Ventures team is comprised of individuals that have extensive financial, legal, banking and consulting backgrounds with respect to Norwegian markets. 


Norway is undergoing an amazing transformation from an oil rich country, to a leader in various emerging technologies. A key player to this is Innovation Norway, a government division dedicated to diversifing their economy through Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 

Amundsen Ventures is working with Innovation Norway and various other Norwegian Organizations to find emerging talent or companies that need support to expand into both the US and global markets. Amundsen Ventures provides a comprehensive solution to these companies needs. . 



In addition to providing financing and consulting, Amundsen Ventures brings a full suite of solutions to clients. These range from CFO consulting and financing to legal and accounting. If the team cannot do it then we have a vast network of support companies that can. 

Most of our staff are either Norwegian by background or Norwegian Americans. There is a commitment to these companies that goes beyond just servicing the clients. We really try to help in more ways than just 'doing business' but create networks and friendships along the way.